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Nufold offers a wide selection of aluminum bifold doors that have real oak on the inside and are ready to install. This amazing concept will add a warm indoor/outdoor resort style living so popular in Australia, together with a hardwearing exterior.

Aluminum bifold doors are one of the most recommended doors for any and all purpose due to their high durability and low maintenance features. With Nufold Aliclad bifold doors you can have the best of both worlds with aluminium on the outside and beautiful pre finished Oak on the inside. Nufold door are double glazed with low-e glass as standard. Bifold doors work great as these are easy to open, and shifted from one corner of the door frame to another. It is well suited for those who have limited space and desperately need to give a stylish open plan look to their room. Aluminum doors come with an amazing ability to retract and can be opened and closed in a number of ways.

At Nufold, we offer highly efficient low-e double glazed and completely retractable bifold aluminum doors. You can get these ondelivered to your doorstep in any part of Australia. Nufold bifold doors arrive ready to install and you can watch our installation video to see how easy it can be to fit these beautiful panoramic doors. For assistance with your choices, why not email one of our friendly and knowledgeable colleagues to chat about your options and help finalise your order. When you have completed the purchase, our efficient delivery team will ensure a speedy and convenient delivery to your doorstep. We serve to make your homes a better place.