Buy Hardwood Bifold Doors Online

Unless you are living in an area with high rainfall or high humidity, hardwood bifold doors can be a great choice. Our doors are designed by specialists in exterior and interior wooden doors who ensure that these doors survive all ups and downs of Australian weather. The profiles of these doors are fully laminated to provide extra strength and reduce the chance of warping and expansion.

Lamination is a special technique that includes application of multiple layers over a core material to provide it with extra stability, strength, and sound insulation. The timber frames used by us are given anti-rotting and anti-fungal treatments to enhance endurance of doors against water ingress and harsh sun rays. These are then finished according to a high specifications. These are covered with natural stain for a durable finish. In case, you prefer we also offer unfinished doors that can be painted or stained by customers as per their personal choice. For even more durability, we can also supply doors with finished oak timber on the inside and hardwearing white aluminium on the outside.  We are here to serve you in every way. You will find a complete range of hardwood bifold doors that can provide stylish solutions for your alfresco, family rooms, private corners, interior partitions, and so forth.